Life Sciences Revisioning

About Our Process

The following is the work of the Life Sciences Revisioning Committee. Members of the committee included: Nicholas Fetzer, Paul Bukaveckas, Jennifer Ciminelli, Lian Currie, Stephen Fong and Rima Franklin

In response to the Provost’s request to consider the future goals and direction of Life Sciences, the Life Sciences Revisioning Committee was formed to solicit proposals from the Life Sciences community. The committee was composed of individuals representing each of the units in Life Sciences, the Vice Provost’s Office, and the Department of Biology. The committee’s objective was to facilitate and assist in the creation of proposals in order to develop a menu of options for future directions. It was not the intent of the committee to rank or otherwise evaluate the proposals.

A portal was created to submit proposals, ask questions, or submit thoughts on the process. Two town-hall style meetings (11/30/22 and 1/11/23) were held for the Life Sciences community to discuss the proposals submitted and to review this document prior to submission.

A short survey to gather the opinions of the Life Sciences community on the proposals submitted was also fielded, the results of which are included in the committee’s submission.

About This Document

The intent of this document is to provide the Provost’s Office with a summary of the proposals submitted to the Life Sciences Revisioning Committee. These proposals have been organized into categories based on the broader organizational structure they propose, specifically focusing on: (1) expanding/re-focusing STEM units, (2) sustainability, (3) data science, and (4) proposals that do not fit into the previous three categories. Within each category, the proposals are organized by alphabetical order of the proposal’s title and are hyperlinked to the full proposal.